Winding down 2013

The EddyThe year is winding down, with only two scheduled gigs left to go! I’ll be at Akai Hana in Morehead City for a solo gig on Nov. 8, and the band will play a private party in Raleigh on Dec. 13. Hard to believe it’s time to nail down a few holiday tunes….Over the next couple of months, I’m looking forward doing some songwriting and heading out to open mics to try out new material.

This year has been busy and exciting – over 25 gigs played in the Triangle and at the Crystal Coast! When I set my goal to perform at an open mic several years ago, I never imagined I’d be playing at local venues and outdoor festivals within a few years. I’m feeling very grateful for all the opportunities that came my way this year, for all the people I’ve met, new friends I’ve made, and for the encouragement and support of my bandmates, my friends, and family. Very special thanks to my husband Keith, without whose support I could not do this!

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