Thank you, Stillwaters Supper & Songs!

Many thanks to Mary Shapiro and Jeff Wolf at Stillwaters Supper and Songs in Marshall, Virginia for having me perform at their beautiful home on September 1 — the outdoor covered stage setup was exceptional. Mary and Jeff were the consummate hosts. Jeff did a beautiful job with the sound — his attention to detail put me blissfully at ease. (Jeff recorded the concert, so a live CD may be in the works!) His drum accompaniment on several of my songs was the perfect touch — and unrehearsed! Mary took care of promotion with her warmth and heartfelt commitment to building their community though music. If you have an opportunity to go to one of their shows, I hope you will.

My experience as a performer was possibly the best I’ve ever had. I had an opportunity to meet almost everyone in the audience before the show started, during the potluck supper beforehand. During the break and after the show, so many came up to me to express their connection to my songs, buy my CD, and share their gratitude for my being there. I felt so welcome, so validated, and so encouraged to keep doing what I love. I plan to book more house concerts in 2019, and am more than happy to travel — if you or someone you know is interested in hosting, please let me know.

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