Fall Update

Since the release of Awake Again, I’ve had several wonderful opportunities to share my songs. In July, I opened for Jon Shain, Molly McGinn and Sam Frazier at Doodad Farm in Greensboro, and in August I went on a very fun mini-tour in Virginia and Maryland with Tokyo Rosenthal and Michael Daughtry. September was busy, with a performance at a Pinnacle View private event, sharing the Cary Theater stage with NC songwriters Wyatt Easterling, Kirk Ridge, Rebekah Todd, and Dean Driver, and playing for a great crowd at Steel String Brewery for the Carrboro Music Festival. As I follow my heart — the heart of the little girl who always loved to sing — I continue to be grateful and amazed at the support of friends, fans, and fellow musicians. Singing brings me a lot of joy — thanks for listening and letting me share my joy with you!

The next couple of months will be less busy, by design. I like to focus on my family and friends during the holiday season, and I’m also making time to do more songwriting. I have just a couple of performances before the New Year arrives, and am working on 2017 bookings. Please subscribe to my mailing list if you’re interested in getting updates. Remember: music heals!

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